Some Thoughts On Keeping Your Stuff Safe


Not an actual picture of my car getting robbed, but I think the guy probably looked like this…

I had never really been stolen from – until this year.  This year I got nailed; my car was broken into twice.  One time they got my laptop.  Unfortunately I had a lot of sensitive information on my laptop but it was protected by the Windows password.  Now, were they able to hack into my computer and get my personal information?  I’m not sure.  I shudder to think about it.  But they probably just wanted to sell the electronics on Craigslist for money, so I’m hoping they just formatted the drive.

Keeping your personal information safe from identity theft is a real matter.  I hate to think about if those people were real thieves and had the knowledge to really go after my information from what they could find on the laptop.   And unlike my iPad, I didn’t have an option to remotely format my hard drive the next time it connected to the internet.  Then I thought, maybe there IS a program like that floating around out there.  Because that would be rather helpful.  If I’m never getting my laptop back, then I would love to ensure that nobody can get to what is on it.  I searched around a bit, and found that LoJack (the car theft prevention and tracking company) actually produces software to help track and manage stolen laptops!

Another option is to encrypt your data, avoiding the need to remotely erase.

In the meantime I try to keep my laptop backed up to the cloud (so I don’t have to rely on fallible hard disks) and keep my computer free of spyware with programs like Spyhunter 4 from Enigma software (read this Spyhunter 4 review if you’re curious about it).  It’s a pain in the neck, but I’ve learned the benefits of staying on top of backing up your stuff.

Baseball As Life

I grew up playing ball, and I have a deep love for the game.  It brings with it so many warm memories – summertime, fresh cut grass, new chalk lines, sunsets, sunflower seeds.  All the great cliche Americana type things that go into the great sport.  I remember growing up when I was very young – before I even picked up a mitt or a ball – when I would be at my grandmother’s house overnight.  I was a scared young kid, afraid of the nighttime news, and pretty much afraid of everything.  I was afraid to flush the toilet.  Anyway I just remember that I would lay on my grandmother’s couch and watch a game of baseball in the hot summer night – and it would soothe me.  It was so utterly benign and relaxing.  I probably didn’t even realize WHY it was relaxing.  But it was so much more innocent and peaceful than the evening news.  The steady monotone drone of the announcer would soothe me into a sleep, drown out the fears of poisoned water and murders that the evening news had pounded into my brain.  The steady roar of the crowd, the sound of bat on ball coming through the old TV speaker.  Even to this day, if I am distressed, simply watching a ballgame is enough to relax me and bring me back into a sense of peace.

This is just one of the many reasons I love baseball.